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4 Port LCD KVM Switch
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Computer & Accessory  -  KVM Switch
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LCD KVM Switch
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basic info

4 Port LCD KVM Switch

.4 Port LCD KVM Switch of 15" LCDbest resolution is up to 1024*768 75HZ.

.4 Port LCD KVM Switch of 17" LCDbest resolution is up to 1280*1024 @ 75HZ.

.4 Port LCD KVM Switch of 19" LCDbest resolution is up to 1280*1024 @ 75HZ.

.Itto switch the host computer though the hotkey or OSD menu,4 Port LCD KVM Switch can manage up to 128 computers.

.Support DDC2B.can detect the screen model without switching the computer.

.LCD display/Touchpad mouse/104 Keyboard with Digital Zone/E-Switch.
.PS/2 keyboard and mouse are connected to control computer use 4 Port LCD KVM Switch.. withdrawing installation design, the length can be adjusted to fit the rack space.
.Password security protection, only authorized users can view and manage on-line computer.
.support a variety of brand industrial computer and the server,such as Siwei,EVOC,Lenovo,IBM,DELL,HP,SUN,etc.
.support various operating system: Microsoft, Linux, Unix, etc.

.Humanized design,can be installed and removed by only one person.4 Port LCD KVM Switch improves the efficiency of the administrator.

Ordering information:

1:KVM-1504H 15"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

2:KVM-1504P 15"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

3:KVM-1704H 17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

4:KVM-1704P 17"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

5:KVM-1904H 19"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

6:KVM-1904P 19"TFT LCD/Keyboard/Touchpad/100~240V AC Power

We produce many LCD KVM Switch, more questions, welcome to consult

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